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Industry Problem

Independent artists, particularly from marginalized backgrounds, struggle to access essential marketing services and technology


Established artists with label or distributor “prioritization” tend to dominate the current landscape


Lack of access to data-driven, direct-to-fan marketing strategies hampers the success of promising artists


Better Solution

We aim to democratize artist and brand marketing services, making them accessible to all creators, regardless of background or affiliation


Do Better provides comprehensive and tailored marketing solutions to help creators expand their reach, leverage audience data to make strategic marketing decisions and develop authentic connections with their fans

We love to integrate with forward-thinking

teams, gamers, brands & independent artists

regardless of major label or distributor affiliation


We thrive on inclusivity and believe in the power of community

To support marginalized and independent creators in achieving their goals

Ensure equal access to creative tools and tech resources needed to thrive in our digital world

Create a vibrant, inclusive global ecosystem celebrating every creators voice


We obsess over DSP best practices,

audience demographicsplatform analytics 

& genre-specific targeting 

to create data-driven marketing campaigns

We believe strategy should be authentically tailored to reflect each creators unique style, interests and voice

Leveraging data is kind of our thing...

Better Team

Passionate, empathetic and music-obsessed creative marketing leaders with +20 years of experience across international bands and brands

Our international marketing experts help creators:

Monetize content & increase earnings per release


• Expand your audience and attract new fans 


• Develop a distinct brand voice


• Foster active communities across platform


• Access new international genre specific markets

Jordyn Reese, Founder

Marco Esposito

Better Services

Brand Marketing & Community Development

Full-service Marketing Plan


Content Calendar & Release Schedule


Creative Content Strategy: Social + Web3 Community Dev


Brand Development


Cross-platform audit: analysis of Metadata optimization, Channel Branding + Monetization Recommendations

Release &

Tour Strategy

Single, Album, Tour & Release Marketing Plan & Strategy

Release Branding

Community + Audience Development

Geo-targeted Advertising

DSP Marketing & Advertising

DSP Advertising: 

Spotify Marquee + 

Video/ Audio Advertising

Pandora Advertising

YouTube Advertising: Trueview


YouTube Channel Strategy +

Channel Management


Playlist Pitch Support

Cross-platform Promotional strategy: Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Pandora, Deezer, Apple Music, Discord, Patreon

Creative Services

Web design

Promo banner design


Album + Single Art

Video Production

Video Editing


Lyric Videos


Cover Art


Branded Artist Package


NFT design

Work Better

When you know better, you do better.

We do it better, together.

Join us in paving the way for a brighter future where talent and creativity knows no boundaries, and inclusivity thrives as the heartbeat of

the new independent creator era.

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